Wastewater is closing Jefferson Street from Market to Washington streets and the intersection of Washington and Jefferson streets this morning, Sept. 17, to cleanup and cold mix the streets. It will reopen in approximately 4 hours ( around noon).

This is the sewer line that services the Limestone County Courthouse among other customers. The work on the sewer is being done now before paving starts on the Washington Street ATRIP grant project next year. This is one of three projects that must be completed prior to paving.

Athens Utilities is running underground electrical services to provide electricity for the Limestone County Commission's expansion and renovation of the courthouse and the addition of electrical cabinets to serve vendors and entertainers during downtown events.

As part of the ATRIP grant project, Public Works is installing the islands to create signalized crosswalks to and from the courthouse to provide handicap accessibility and improve pedestrian safety. Public Works also is improving drainage and installing ADA compliant sidewalks for wheelchair access. The ATRIP grant is funding 80 percent of the Washington Street resurfacing project.


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Are they really improving drainage and installing ADA compliant sidewalks for wheelchair access?

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