Downtown Athens is the type of place where you can sit a spell and talk to passersby, sip a cup of coffee, or enjoy events that range from toga-wearing festivals to indulging in chocolate.

To encourage visitors in our downtown district to linger longer and enjoy our shops, restaurants,and events, we want to place rocking chairs painted by local artists in parklets around our downtown area. Because the rocking chairs are mobile we can strategically place them for events in certain areas if needed. We hold several events each year and want to utilize these rockers as a fun way to encourage visitors to Sit a 'Spell and enjoy what our downtown has to offer. 

Our project will take place in Downtown Athens, AL and serve Athens and surrounding Limestone County. Athens, AL is the county seat of Limestone County and downtown Athens, with our 1869 Courthouse in the center, is the heart and spirit of our community.  Our project is a nod to our historical residential districts surrounding our downtown Athens, AL district. Our downtown district also borders Athens State University, a historical higher learning institution, which hosts the Tennessee Old Time Fiddlers Convention each October. Front porches are abundant on the homes in our historical districts. 

We would like to start on our project as soon as we receive notice of award so that we can have the rocking chairs in place for the beginning for our Fridays After Five events which begin in June and go through the end of August. These events feature sidewalk music, food and encourage shopping in our local boutiques. We will give the rocking chairs their own Facebook page, and for the launch we will hold a scavenger hunt around our Downtown District utilizing the chairs with questions being posted on the Facebook page. 

The funds raised will be used to purchase exterior grade rocking chairs and side tables as well as art supplies. Local students in art classes and our local artist cooperative will paint the rocking chairs and side tables in themes associated with our downtown, events and festivals. One new parklet will be created and the rocking chairs and tables will be placed there. For this new parklet, local art students will paint a mural on the surrounding building walls to enhance a currently run down blank space.



Wow. I'm looking forward to this event. It sounds fun. I'm sure lots of tourists would come because they can find souvenirs there and they also meet some local folks there. The rocking chair is a great idea, too. I'm sure this event would be successful.

07/20/2017 4:38am

We should sit only those places which are beneficial for us which provides opportunities for us where we can convey our wishes and fulfil our requirements at least those places which cannot harm us reduce our respect and break communications.

07/30/2017 11:46pm

Wow! I can imagine how the setting of the event would be, and I think that it would be a different and great environment for people who live in Asia. The feeling I am getting is similar to Harry Potter setting wherein there would be good music, yellow/ fire lighting, traditional dance forms and great shopping experience. I would love to shop for authentic stuff and would enjoy the environment. This seems like a great project and I would love to come If only I could. The way you have described the project already gives me the feeling and is certainly enticing. Good luck!


Have you started your project? Does it successful now?


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