Randall Peek, ASM Market Manager, accepted the award at the annual luncheon in Montgomery.
At the Main Street Alabama Annual Awards luncheon, Spirit of Athens received the 2014 Excellence in Promotion for the Athens Saturday Market. 

The Athens Saturday Market is a state certified Farmers Market held at the Farmers Market Pavilion at 409 W. Green Street.

The event is held every Saturday from June-August from 8 AM - Noon.  The Athens Saturday Market opened in 2013 and received certification from the Farmers Market Authority in 2014. 

The Limestone County commission allowed Spirit of Athens to use the pavilion to host the Athens Saturday Market.  Through sponsorships, "Friends of the Market' campaign, tshirt sales, and vendor fees, SOA has been able to promote the Market and create a fun atmosphere with live music and special events.  A weekly newsletter is emailed to over 800 subscribers with a list of what customers can expect to find at the Market that week.  There's also a website, and active social media pages on Facebook and Instagram. 

Downtown restaurants have used produce from the Market and have also set up during the Market to give out samples and participate as a Market vendor.

Since SOA started the Athens Saturday Market, sidewalks have been added to make the site more easily accessible to surrounding neighborhoods. Additionally, Lowes awarded a grant that funded a community garden (that provides fresh produce to a local food bank), and gazebo on site.  Vendors are selling out of their items and special events brings in easily 1000 or more visitors to the Market.  Every season, the Market hosts a Kids Day, Patriotic Day, and Tomato Sandwich Day.



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